Legal Technology

Social Media Use by Government and Courts

This is just a short and selective list of articles, resources and sites that I have found helpful in explaining the use of social media by courts.

Background Information:

Newcombe, Tod.  “Social Networking Use Increases, But Has Yet to Transform Government.”  Public CIO 29 December 2009: n. pag. Web. 03/10/2010  Article discusses the increasing use of social media by government entities and policy issues involved.

“Twitter, Facebook Use Allowed on Military Non-classified Computer Network.” Washington Post 27 February 2010: n. pag. Web. 03/10/2010 Brief article describes how the pentagon is allowing the use of social media.

Shapiro, Ari “The Verdict on New Technologies.” Keynote Address at the NCSC Court Technology Conference 22 September 2009 Web. 03/10/2010 Video (registration required to view) This video provides a good discussion of the use of social media by the courts and how social media can affect the courts. Possible responses and guidelines are presented.

O”Clock, Christine and Olsen, Travis “Social Networking Tools for Courts.” Power point presentation, NCSC Court Technology Conference 22 September 2009. Web. 03/10/2010  Explains why social media should be important to the courts with descriptions of blogs, Twitter and Facebook and their use. The discussion includes pitfalls and navigation techniques. More information sources list of sources. “Social Media and Web2.0 in Government.” Web. 03/10/2010  An Official Website of the U.S. Government managed by the Federal Web Managers Council sponsored by the GSA’s Office of Citizen Services and Guidelines for use of social media by the federal government with good descriptions and how-tos for blogs, social networking, and other social media tools.

Bourdeaux, Chris. Social Media Governance. “Research Database.” Web. 03/10/2010  Additional background information includes 110 reports.

 Examples of actual policies:

Bourdeaux, Chris. Social Media Governance “Policy Database.” Web. 03/10/2010 Listing of policies for 118 different organizations.

Department of Technology Services. Utah Technical Wiki. “State of Utah Social Media Guidelines.” 12 October 2009 Web. 03/10/2010

South Carolina Department of Recreation Parks and Tourism has created an “Acceptable Use of SCPRT Social Media” Policy.

Links to actual examples of court and law library social media applications: 
Fulton County Georgia Superior Court Blog

Fulton County Georgia Superior Court on Facebook

Clark County Courts Nevada

American Association of Law Libraries Computing Services Special Interest Section Wiki. “Law Library Blogs.” 24 February 2010 Web. 03/10/2010 Links to 110 law library blogs.

King County Law Library Blog

Oregon Legal Research (Blog)

Sacramento County Public Law Library on Facebook

Sacramento County Public Law Library on Twitter

LA Law Library on Twitter

Anne Arundel County Public Law Library Wiki

Cornell University Law School Wex

By Joan Bellistri

Law Library Director for the Anne Arundel County Public Law Library

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