Social Media Use at the Library of Congress

Reading that the Library of Congress has and will archive all Tweets led me to find the  LOC on Twitter which lead me to the Library of  Congress Blog and Facebook page.

I am now following the Library of Congress on Twitter, subscribe to the blog with Google Reader and am a fan of  the LOC on Facebook.

The LOC Twitterfeed consists of announcements with links to more information such as a Press Release or Blog post such as the one concerning the archiving of all Tweets or an announcement that the Librarian of Congress would be interviewed on ABC World News.   The most recent Tweet, today, was as follows:  “First Japanese Diplomatic Mission to U.S. Is Subject of May 24 Lecture: “Samurai 150! The First Japanese Diplomati…”  The link will take you right to the news release page.  The Library of Congress Blog is a great site to find out about LOC events and news such as a Shakespeare birthday event scheduled for tomorrow or the announcement that Tweets will now be archived.   The LOC Facebook page most recent post was about a C-SPAN interview concerning the Twitter archive with a link to the video.  There are lots of fan comments.  (The Law Library of Congress has a Facebook  page, too.)

By Joan Bellistri

Law Library Director for the Anne Arundel County Public Law Library

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