Mandatory CLE for Maryland Attorneys?

Paul Mark Sandler stated in his blog “The Art of Advocacy”  how important he thinks that Maryland should join most other states in requiring mandatory continuing education for  lawyers in his post: Why Maryland Needs Mandatory CLE.  Paul Mark Sandler chaired the MCLE subcommittee of Maryland’s Commission on Professionalism.

The Commission on Professionalism, created by the Court of Appeals as a permanent commission in March 2009, has recommended the adoption of rules requiring mandatory CLE.  The (Proposed) Rules of the Maryland Commission on Mandatory Continuing Legal Education would require 10 hours of mandatory continuing legal education each year.  Frequently Asked Questions Concerning the Commission on Professionalism and its Proposed Rule on Mandatory MCLE can be found on the Maryland Judiciary’s website.

Maryland law libraries should explore the opportunities such a rule would create.  Court libraries could partner with local bar associations to provide legal research programs that could range from the basics of  online legal research to the use and evaluation of Internet resources.

By Joan Bellistri

Law Library Director for the Anne Arundel County Public Law Library

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