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Ask a Lawyer in the Library at the North County Area Library

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The Anne Arundel County Public Law Library and the Anne Arundel Bar Association have expanded the  “Ask a Lawyer in the Library” program by working with the Anne Arundel County Public Library.  The program will now be offered in north county and later in the day.  Hopefully, this will allow those unable to make use of the program in the law library because of location and hours.

The first “Ask a Lawyer” event at the North County Area Library last Wednesday was a great success.  Three volunteer attorneys were on hand to answer legal questions.  Cliff O’Connor, who has a law practice in Glen Burnie with his wife Cassie Holmes, was instrumental in getting this program going.  He was able to enlist the help of Bill Trevillian, Jr. and Gene Brennan  in providing legal services to north county residents.  Cliff indicated his interest in bringing the “Ask a Lawyer” program to the public library in Glen Burnie last year and coordinated a pilot program at the Anne Arundel County Public Library Brooklyn Park Branch last May.

The program began at 4:30 after a lottery to determine the time slots for the ten people who had already arrived to see one of the attorneys.  There were two more participants that arrived after the lottery bringing the total to twelve.  The attorneys were busy the whole time, sometimes taking a little more time than the allotted twenty minutes.  The wide range of issues addressed included credit, housing, replevin, unemployment, foreclosure and social security benefits.

The meeting room which is located just inside the door to the parking lot made access to the program easy.  The staff of the library was more than gracious and accommodating in helping to get the program established in the library.  The assistance and guidance of  Wanda Wagner, Jackie Langdon, Susie Herron, and Mary Ann Keicher were instrumental in our being able to reserve the room for 2011 and getting the work out about the program.  There was a great display inside the door and the program was also advertised on the library’s webpage.  Mary Ann had the room set up and ready to go for the program upon my arrival and provided me with support during the evening.

The “Ask A Lawyer” Program will resume in March and continue on the third Wednesday of the month through June.  There will be a summer break during July and August but the program will be back on schedule in September through the rest of  2011.

More information on the North County Area Program can be found here:

By Joan Bellistri

Law Library Director for the Anne Arundel County Public Law Library

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