Librarians praised in new book: ‘This Book Is Overdue!’

A book review of “This Book is Overdue! How Librarians and Cybrarians Can Save Us All”  in LAW.COM’s Law Technology News,  June 17, 2011 issue made my day after a long week.  It was nice to read that there is a book in which “the praise for librarians is a little overdone at times.”

The description of the book found at the publisher’s website was a joy to read: “Johnson finds librarians more vital and necessary than ever, as they fuse the tools of the digital age with love for the written word and the enduring values of truth, service to all, and free speech” and “those who predicted the death of libraries forgot to consider that in the automated maze of contemporary life, none of us—neither the experts nor the hopelessly baffled—can get along without human help. And not just any help—we need librarians, who won’t charge us by the question or roll their eyes, no matter what we ask.”

How nice to have this book come from someone who is not a librarian.

By Joan Bellistri

Law Library Director for the Anne Arundel County Public Law Library

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