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CTC2011 – A Law Librarian’s Report

As the AALL Representative to the National Center for State Courts, I am attending the Court Technology Conference (CTC2011) in Long Beach, California.  The conference begins tomorrow and I will again report on my experiences here.

To start the conference I am looking forward to keynote Speaker, David Pogue, New York Times technology reviewer.  Programs that I am interested in are one on “Best Mobile Apps” with David Pogue right after he speaks or one at the same time on the use of open source software used by Arizona’s Judicial Branch to revamp their website.  Later I will attend  “Abandoning Law Reports for Official Digital Case Law”  and wonder whether they will talk about authentication, preservation and permanent public access. “Innovations in Serving Self-Help Court Users” is always a topic of concern for court librarians and of interest.  Maryland courts are on the way to implementing e-filing so it makes sense to end the day with “E-Filing and Web Services in a Nutshell.”  The Exhibit Hall will open in the evening with a reception.  It will be interesting to see the different types of vendors though I will see the familiar Lexis and Westlaw, too.

By Joan Bellistri

Law Library Director for the Anne Arundel County Public Law Library

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