Spotlight on the People’s Law Library

The 2014 National Pro Bono Celebration this year is October 19th through October 25th. The Law Library is excited to once again be a Celebration Supporter! In honor of the National Pro Bono Celebration, this blog will be featuring posts focusing on pro bono and other free legal services for the entire month of October.   

The People’s Law Library (PLL), available at, is a legal information and self-help website geared towards Maryland citizens and is maintained by the Maryland State Law Library.  It is a good starting point for your legal research as the PLL provides information for self-represented litigants about the law as well as referrals for legal services.  The PLL’s content development is overseen by a committee of legal professionals from throughout the State of Maryland.  With over 1.3 million hits each month, the PLL is a great resource for Maryland residents.

Top 5 Reasons We Love the People’s Law Library

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