About the Law Library – Daumier in the Library

photo 1
So Goes His Story

The Law Library is proud to be home to six prints by Honoré Daumier, a prolific, nineteenth century French artist, whose wide array of works include lithographs, wood engravings, drawings, paintings and sculptures. The black and white prints on display in the Law Library’s main entry hall, which include Plead “Not Guilty”, This Saintly Woman, So Goes His Story, A Respected Citizen, Such a Devoted Husband and A Sure Case, were donated to the Law Library by retired Judge Michael E. Loney (1939-2012) in 2009. These courtroom scenes satirize the law and the court.

The prints themselves have a long history at the Anne Arundel County Circuit Courthouse as they previously graced the walls of Judge Loney’s chambers during his tenure at the Circuit Court.  The prints were originally a gift to Judge Loney from H. Chester Goudy, Judge Loney’s former law partner and a retired Circuit Court judge. If you are interested in viewing these prints, please come visit the Law Library. Please stop by the service desk, and we will be more than happy to give you a brief tour.

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