Read Across America Day

asdfasdfToday is Read Across America Day! Organized by the National Education Association, this annual event is celebrated on Dr. Seuss’s birthday and is geared to motivate children to celebrate reading. This year’s highlighted book is Oh, the Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss. The Law Library’s has adopted Read Across America Day with a legal twist. Check out these titles!

The Justice Case Files is a graphic novel series developed by the National Center for State Courts to educate the public about the courts. Developed by legal professionals, including judges and court administrators, this series provides the reader with insight how judges make decisions and other insights into the judicial system. The following Case Files available at the Law Library.

  • The Case of Internet Piracy
  • The Case of Stolen Identity
  • The Case of Jury Duty

Full-color copies of the graphic novels in PDF are available, free of charge, at

Wolf v. Pig, published by West Group, is a picture book that examines the Three Little pigs through the lens of the “Superior Court of Appeals”. This book teaches the reader about how to read a court opinion and the annotations and key number system developed by Westlaw.

For more information about the government, court system and legislative process geared towards children, here is a listing of available online resources.

Happy Reading!


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