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Selected Titles for New Attorneys

The BARBRI Group conducted an annual survey of law students, professors, and practitioners to assess perceptions regarding recent law graduates’ readiness to practice law. While 76% of 3Ls felt that were practice-ready, only 56% of practicing attorneys who work with recent graduates felt that the recent graduates were ready to practice. The survey report is available here.

In light of the survey findings,  we would like to share a list of titles available at the Law Library that can assist with developing a new attorney’s career and practice.

  • The Legal Career Guide: From Law Student to Lawyer by Gary A. Munneke and Ellen Wayne
  • Nonlegal Careers for Lawyers by by Gary A. Munneke, William D. Henslee and Ellen Wayne
  • Anatomy of a Trial: A Primer for Young Lawyers by Mark Paul Sandler
  • Lawyers and the American Dream by Stuart M. Speiser
  • You Raised Us – Now Work with Us: Millennials, Career Success, and Building Strong Workplace Teams by Lauren Stiller Rikleen
  • The Millennial Lawyer: Making the Most of Generational Differences in the Firm by Ursula Furi-Perry
  • Handling Cases Series
    • Handling Accident Cases by Albert Averbach
    • Handling Child Custody, Abuse, and Adoption Cases by Ann M. Haralambie
    • Handling Criminal Appeals by Jonathan M. Purver
    • Handling Drinking and Drive Cases in Maryland by Patrick E. Maher et al.
    • Handling Federal Estate and Gift Taxes by Myron Kove
    • Handling Federal Tort Claims: Administrative and Judicial Remedies by Lester Jayson
    • Handling Juvenile Delinquency Cases by F. Lee Bailey
    • Handling Narcotic and Drug Cases by F. Lee Bailey
    • Handling Social Security Disability Cases by Elliott D. Andalman et al.

In addition, the survey report found that, when forced to choose, both practicing attorneys and law school faculty ranked writing as the most important skill for recent law school graduates. The Law Library has many titles available for both new and experienced attorneys who wish to improve their legal writing. Check out these titles.

  • Legal Writing in a Nutshell by Lynn Bahrych
  • The Grammar and Writing Handbook for Lawyers by Lenne Eidson Espenschied
  • A Dictionary of Modern Legal Usage by Brian A. Garner
  • The Elements of Legal Style by Brian A. Garner
  • The Winning Brief: 100 Tips for Persuasive Briefing in Trial and Appellate by Brian A. Garner
  • Judicial Opinion Writing Handbook by Joyce J. George
  • The Lawyer’s Guide to Writing Well by Tom Goldstein and Jethro K. Lieberman
  • The Scrivener: A Primer on Legal Writing by Thomas R. Haggard
  • The Modern Rules of Style by Paul Marx
  • Preparing Legal Documents Nonlawyers Can Read and Understand by Wayne Scheiss
  • Plain English for Lawyers by Richard C. Plain

This is just a small sampling of the titles available at the Law Library. If you have a specific area of focus, please let us know, and we will assist you in finding relevant resources!

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