Constitutional Law Resources

In honor of this year’s Law Day Theme, Miranda: More than Words, we would like to highlight the Constitutional Law Resources that are available at the Law Library. The Law Library’s collection includes the United States Constitution; however, you can read the U.S. Constitution as well as other primary documents in American History online through the Library of Congress’s website here.

Available treatises on Constitutional Law include the following:

  • American Constitutional Law (Tribe) – KF 4550 .T785 2000
  • Modern Constitutional Law (Antieau) – KF 4550 .A75 1997
  • Treatise on Constitutional Law: Substance and Procedure (Rotunda) – KF 4550 .R63 2007
  • Constitutional Rights of the Accused (Cook) – KF 9619 .C64 1996
  • A Conceptualization of the Fourth Amendment (Moylan) – KF 9630 .Z9 M93 1997

Law Review articles are another good resource for Constitutional Law research. The Law Library’s HeinOnline subscription, which can be accessed in-person at the Law Library, includes the following collections:

  • Law Journal Library, which includes American Bar Association Journals, Core U.S. Journals, Criminal Justice Journals as well as Most-Cited Law Journals
  • U.S. Supreme Court Library

If you are interested in learning more about the history of the U.S. Constitution, check out the Georgetown Law Library’s Constitutional Law and History Research Guide here.

For assistance with your Constitutional Law research, please contact us at the Law Library!

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