Anne Arundel County 311 APP Announced

Anne Arundel County has announced the release of  an app and 311 voice services:

“This 311app allows Anne Arundel County citizens to report non-emergency incidents or problem requests digitally through their mobile devices. The 311 app has geo functions and is tied to both the AA County web and Facebook pages. The app allows citizens to track their reported incidents via the web or their mobile devices until such time as the incidents are closed. The app has a clean interface and is easy to navigate. Currently, the app enables Anne Arundel County users to report service requests such as:

• Lost and found pets
• Recycling cart requests
• Broken recycling carts
• Missed curbside collection
• Bulk pickup scheduling
• Potholes
• Drainage complaints
• Recreation and Park concerns
• Unregistered vehicles”

The App can be found in the iPhone App Store (search “AACounty 311″and at Google Play for Android:

Citizens can still just call 3-1-1 and get the help they need if they aren’t comfortable with using an APP or don’t have a smart phone.


By Joan Bellistri

Law Library Director for the Anne Arundel County Public Law Library

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