Legal Publishers Respond with COVID-19 Resources

West Thomson Reuters:

COVID-19 Resource Center “As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread globally, our main objectives now are to support you and your businesses, and to navigate this complicated and ever-changing environment together with you. Rely on these free resources, created by our legal and tax experts, to assist you as you prepare and respond to issues.”

COVID-19 Toolkit “A toolkit to guide counsel working across jurisdictions through Practical Law’s global coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemics and business interruption content. It provides resources for use in the UK, US, China, Australia and Canada.”


Managing COVID-19 Webinar Series: Learn from expert legal industry panelists how to sustain workplace continuity, navigate new challenges, and deal with other important topics.

• Coronavirus Resource Kit: Get a complimentary Lexis Practice Advisor resource kit covering a wide range of topics across multiple practice areas, addressing emerging issues and offering guidance relating to coronavirus and the law.
• Coronavirus Content on Law360: Access a complimentary, dedicated coronavirus page with breaking news, in-depth features and expert analysis and commentary on topics relating to coronavirus and the law.
• Law360 Map of U.S. Court Closures

NCLC National Consumer Law Center:

“While coronavirus (COVID-19) is primarily creating a health emergency, it is also causing financial havoc for the most vulnerable American families. The National Consumer Law Center remains focused on advocating for consumers and their financial welfare, and helping you do the same. By offering free resources and discounts on new subscriptions, the Publications team hopes to help facilitate your advocacy on behalf of consumers.”

Surviving Debt: Expert Advice For Getting Out of Financial Trouble
As many Americans grapple with the fallout from this unprecedented health crisis, NCLC wants to remind you that our 50th anniversary edition of Surviving Debt is an invaluable resource for consumers and consumer advocates. We have made the digital edition of Surviving Debt free to all. Access it here.”

By Joan Bellistri

Law Library Director for the Anne Arundel County Public Law Library

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