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Looking for information about your case?

The Maryland Judiciary Case Search website provides the public with online access to the Maryland Judiciary’s case records. Available information includes party names, city and state, case number, date of brith, trial date, charge and case disposition for District Court traffic, criminal and civil case records as well as Circuit Court criminal and civil case records. Maryland Rules 16-1001 through 16-1011 govern the public’s access to these records.

Here are some frequently asked questions we receive at the Law Library regarding Case Search.

  1. Can I access case search from home? Yes! The website address is You can also access links to Case Search from the Circuit Court’s website ( or the Maryland Courts website (
  2. Can I access Case Search at the courthouse? Yes! The Law Library has public access computers that you can use to access Case Search.
  3. Is this official information? No, Case Search does not provide the official case record. It is simply a brief summary of the case record.
  4. What if want additional case information or the official case record? You will need to ask the court either in person at the courthouse or in writing. The clerk’s office does not accept telephone requests.
  5. I need help understanding what the abbreviations mean. You can find information about event codes and descriptions here. Criminal event codes and descriptions are available here. Traffic event codes and descriptions are available here. Civil event codes and descriptions are available here.
  6. Why can’t I find my case information? Not all case records will be made available on Case Search. For example, certain cases are protected by the Maryland Rules, such as juvenile cases, adoptions and sealed cases. In addition, landlord/tenant and marriage license records are not available on Case Search. There are also differences in how far back in history the case records will go. For the District Court, criminal case records accessible via Case Search date back to late 1991, and civil case records date back to 1989. For the Circuit Court, it will vary by courthouse. A list of specific date ranges is available here.
  7. Where can I search for Circuit Court Judgments and Liens? Once you have accepted the terms and conditions for Case Search, click on the “Search for Circuit Court Judgments and Liens”  link at the top of the page. Note that federal and state liens may not always be available.
  8. Where can I find information about an estate? Check out Estate Search, which is available at
  9. Where can I find land records or copies of deeds? Check out You will need to register to use this site, and there may be a time delay due to this registration process.

If you have additional questions about Case Search, check out the FAQ page available at


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