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Did you know that the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County has a website? You can access the website at The Circuit Court’s website provides a wealth of information and referrals.

Is the courthouse closed? How do I get to the courthouse? Where can I park? If you are wondering about these and related questions, check out the links available under the website’s “About” section. Here’s a small sample.

Which courtroom should I be in? Check the daily docket. However, parties should verify this information on the day of the court proceeding by viewing the docket monitors physically located in the courthouse.

How do I find an official court interpreter? How do I obtain a transcript? Can I appear in court by telephone? If you are wondering about these and other “How Do I” questions, check out the links available under the website’s “How do I” section.

I have jury duty. What do I do? Check out the website’s section for Jurors at

I need legal help. Who can help me? Where can I find more information? Check out the website’s “Legal Help” section at for links and information about Civil Case Management, Family Law Self Help Center, Forms, the Law Library, the Ask a Lawyer in the Library program and other legal links. The website’s “Learn About…” section also provides more information on topics such as Civil Cases, Drug Court, and Family Law.

This post provides only a quick guide to the Circuit Court’s website. For more detailed information, check out the Circuit Court’s website, or you can always contact us!

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