Do you need a court interpreter?

¿Necesita un intérprete de tribunal? 법정 통역관의 도움이 필요하십니까? Avez vous besoin d’ un interpréte de tribunal? ؟ةمكحملانم نّيعممجرتملجاتحتله Você precisa um intérprete no tribunal? 您需要法庭口译员吗? Bạn có cần một thông dịch viên tòa án? ВАМ НУЖЕН СУДЕБНЫЙ ПЕРЕВОДЧИК?

Earlier this week, we published a post about the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County’s website, which included information about court interpreters. At the Law Library, we often field questions from patrons looking for an interpreter and thought this post might be helpful.

  1. Request for Spoken Language Interpreter (Form CC-DC 41)  – There is form that you will need to complete and return to the Circuit Court in ADVANCE. You can access the form online at or you can ask for a copy at the Court’s Information Desk. We can also provide you with a copy of the form at the Law Library.
  2. If you no longer need an interpreter, please let the Circuit Court know. If you do not show up and did not let the court in writing at least two (2) business days before the requested date, you could be charged for the interpreter’s services.

Note that the court interpreter will interpret everything you say into English and is only available to interpret. The interpreter CANNOT provide legal advice, explain court proceedings, tell you how to answer a question or answer questions about what will happen in court.

If you need to communicate with court staff outside the courtroom, the Clerk’s Office has telephone interpretation services.

Are you an attorney with a client in need of court interpreter services? Then check out this brochure published by the Maryland Judiciary.

You can find more information about the Maryland Judiciary’s Court Language Services at

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