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Law Library and Court Holiday Closures

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The Anne Arundel County Public Law Library and the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County will be closed on the court holidays of Friday, December 23rd, Monday, December 26th, and Monday, January 2nd.

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Do you need A/V Equipment for your trial?

The Circuit Court’s Information Services Department is responsible for the court’s evidence presentation equipment, which is available on a first-come, first-served basis. To reserve the equipment, you can fill out an online form (available here) or call the Information Services Department at (410) 222-1484. If you are unfamiliar with the evidence presentation equipment and would like training on the equipment, contact the Information Services Department.

Are you interested in learning more about different programs and technologies available to attorneys for evidence presentation? If so, check out these articles.

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Waiver of Filing Fees

In order for the court to open your case, you will need to pay your court filing fees up front. If you are unable to do so, you may request a prepayment waiver.

Prepayment Waiver: The Prepayment Waiver waives the requirement that you pay the court filing fees up front. However, this means that you will still need to pay these fees at the end of your case, unless the court orders the other party to pay the fees.

Final Waiver: If you were granted the Prepayment Waiver at the beginning of your case, and you are ordered to pay the fees at the end of your case and cannot do so, you may be able to request a Final Waiver.

For more information, including procedures and links to forms, please check out the Maryland Courts website.

Are you represented by an attorney? If so, talk to your attorney first as there may be different procedures that apply!

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Uniform Subpoenas

As of July 1, 2015, Maryland subpoenas will be uniform throughout the state of Maryland as the Maryland Judiciary has launched a new uniform subpoena form. To learn more about the uniform subpoenas, check out Maryland Rules 2-510, 3-510, 4-265 and 4-266.

Attorneys! Are you registered to e-file? If so, then you can access the uniform subpoenas electronically! The uniform subpoena will print with the appropriate court seal and Clerk’s signature. If you have not already registered to e-file, you can do so here.
Self-represented litigants can still obtain paper subpoena forms at the appropriate courthouse. Self-represented litigants can learn more about discovery here or contact the Law Library.

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Attorneys Must E-File in Anne Arundel County!

Starting today, August 3, 2015, in Anne Arundel County, attorneys must e-file criminal and traffic filings. This includes both District Court and Circuit Court. This e-filing requirement is part of the Maryland Electronic Courts (MDEC) project, which is a statewide case management system that was launched in October 2014.

For more information about e-filing, please check out this page on the Maryland Courts website, which is a great resource for your MDEC questions. The website also provides links to publications for review.

Are you an attorney with questions about e-filing?  Check out these FAQs posted on the Maryland Courts website.  Attorneys with general questions may find these FAQs helpful.

Are you a member of the public with questions?  Check out these FAQs posted on the Maryland Courts website.
In addition, for more information about MDEC, check out our October 2014 blog post.


Cameras in the Courtroom?

Don’t make the same mistake as this person here. Are cameras allowed in the Circuit Court’s courtrooms? No, unless it falls within an exception. For more information about cameras and other electronic devices, check out the Circuit Court’s website. You will see that the Maryland Rules are referenced on the Circuit Court’s website. You can read the Maryland Rules online here, or come into the Law Library to read print copies.

If you are interested in watching or listening to court proceedings, available options include webcasts and audio recordings. Check them out!

Contact the Law Library regarding information about how to access recordings of your court proceedings.


Revised Court Cost Schedule Goes Into Effect Today!

Starting today, the cost to file proceedings in Maryland has increased. Check out the new Court Fee Schedule and Court Fee Summary Chart. Additional information is available here.


Courthouse News!

Judge Laura S. Kiessling has been named as a the new administrative judge for Anne Arundel County and the Fifth Judicial Circuit! Our current administrative judge, Judge Paul A. Hackner retired earlier this month after serving eighteen years on the bench. Judge Kiessling’s appointment will be effective later this week, on April 10, 2015. As some of our readers may know, the Law Library is located on the main floor of the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County, and the Law Library’s mission includes serving the information needs of the Maryland judiciary and the Circuit Court. We look forward to continuing that mission under Judge Kiessling’s leadership. For more information, the press release is available here!


Do you need a court interpreter?

¿Necesita un intérprete de tribunal? 법정 통역관의 도움이 필요하십니까? Avez vous besoin d’ un interpréte de tribunal? ؟ةمكحملانم نّيعممجرتملجاتحتله Você precisa um intérprete no tribunal? 您需要法庭口译员吗? Bạn có cần một thông dịch viên tòa án? ВАМ НУЖЕН СУДЕБНЫЙ ПЕРЕВОДЧИК?

Earlier this week, we published a post about the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County’s website, which included information about court interpreters. At the Law Library, we often field questions from patrons looking for an interpreter and thought this post might be helpful.

  1. Request for Spoken Language Interpreter (Form CC-DC 41)  – There is form that you will need to complete and return to the Circuit Court in ADVANCE. You can access the form online at or you can ask for a copy at the Court’s Information Desk. We can also provide you with a copy of the form at the Law Library.
  2. If you no longer need an interpreter, please let the Circuit Court know. If you do not show up and did not let the court in writing at least two (2) business days before the requested date, you could be charged for the interpreter’s services.

Note that the court interpreter will interpret everything you say into English and is only available to interpret. The interpreter CANNOT provide legal advice, explain court proceedings, tell you how to answer a question or answer questions about what will happen in court.

If you need to communicate with court staff outside the courtroom, the Clerk’s Office has telephone interpretation services.

Are you an attorney with a client in need of court interpreter services? Then check out this brochure published by the Maryland Judiciary.

You can find more information about the Maryland Judiciary’s Court Language Services at

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Did you know that the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County has a website? You can access the website at The Circuit Court’s website provides a wealth of information and referrals.

Is the courthouse closed? How do I get to the courthouse? Where can I park? If you are wondering about these and related questions, check out the links available under the website’s “About” section. Here’s a small sample.

Which courtroom should I be in? Check the daily docket. However, parties should verify this information on the day of the court proceeding by viewing the docket monitors physically located in the courthouse.

How do I find an official court interpreter? How do I obtain a transcript? Can I appear in court by telephone? If you are wondering about these and other “How Do I” questions, check out the links available under the website’s “How do I” section.

I have jury duty. What do I do? Check out the website’s section for Jurors at

I need legal help. Who can help me? Where can I find more information? Check out the website’s “Legal Help” section at for links and information about Civil Case Management, Family Law Self Help Center, Forms, the Law Library, the Ask a Lawyer in the Library program and other legal links. The website’s “Learn About…” section also provides more information on topics such as Civil Cases, Drug Court, and Family Law.

This post provides only a quick guide to the Circuit Court’s website. For more detailed information, check out the Circuit Court’s website, or you can always contact us!