Copyright Fun

Untitled drawing (3)Yesterday, we published a post detailing many of the resources
available through the U.S. Copyright Office’s website, My favorite section of the website is the Copyright Lore section, which is a collection of fun facts related to the Copyright Office and its mission.

For example, did you know…

  • that the Copyright Card Catalog is housed in the world’s biggest card catalog. This catalog has 25,675 drawers with 45 millions cards. These 45 millions cards, if stacked, exceeds 2,000 miles in length.
  • that there have only been 12 Registers of Copyright since the inception of the Copyright Office?
  • that the Copyright Office issued a copyright registration for the “Statue of American Independence”, the original name of the Statue of Liberty” on August 31, 1876, ten years before the Statue of Liberty was erected in the New York Harbor?

If you are interested in learning about the history and important dates in copyright history, check out the website’s Copyright Timeline that starts with the 1710 enactment of the Statute of Anne in Great Britain and continues to the 2011 appointment of the Register of Copyrights.

For teachers, the Library of Congress website provides information about copyright and primary sources and an interactive program called “Taking the Mystery Out of Copyright” that includes information about the national and state education standards that the interactive program meets.

Next week, we will publish a post detailing the copyright law related resources available at the Law Library.


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