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Waiver of Filing Fees

In order for the court to open your case, you will need to pay your court filing fees up front. If you are unable to do so, you may request a prepayment waiver.

Prepayment Waiver: The Prepayment Waiver waives the requirement that you pay the court filing fees up front. However, this means that you will still need to pay these fees at the end of your case, unless the court orders the other party to pay the fees.

Final Waiver: If you were granted the Prepayment Waiver at the beginning of your case, and you are ordered to pay the fees at the end of your case and cannot do so, you may be able to request a Final Waiver.

For more information, including procedures and links to forms, please check out the Maryland Courts website.

Are you represented by an attorney? If so, talk to your attorney first as there may be different procedures that apply!

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