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New Series: American Law Reports

ALR 7 Volume 1 Image
Volume 1 of ALR 7

A new series of the American Law Report (ALR) has been released! ALR 7 will succeed ALR 6, bringing along helpful updates. Much like ALR 6, ALR 7 includes summary and analysis of cases as well as providing a jurisdictional Table of Cases and Research References with each article.

One of the primary changes to take effect in ALR 7 is a new citation method. Now, ALR 7 cites section numbers (i.e. article numbers) instead of page numbers. As a result, this new method allows for the same citation to be used interchangeably between print and online sources. When using the new citation, be sure it is only in relation to ALR 7 and not previous ALR series.

See examples below:

NEW citation for ALR 7
25 A.L.R. 7th Art. 3

OLD citation for ALR 6
84 A.L.R. 6th 589 (Originally published in 2013)

Additionally, new components relating to content have been introduced to the sleek, new ALR 7. These elements include:

Jurisdictional headings for case summaries
Checklists of important factors
Graphic visualizations of case law outcomes for selected articles
Article indices consolidated into a single, full-volume index

To verify you are using the most current version of an article, be sure to check the back of the volume for pocket parts, or use WestlawNext (available in the library).


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