New in Our Catalog

From the Maryland Judiciary:

2019 Strategic Plan Update: Building for the Future (Document URL) (Catalog Record). This document reports on the Judiciary’s progress towards its strategic goals for 2015-2020.

Handbook for Guardians of Minors. (Document URL) (Catalog Record): This guide provides help for court-appointed guardians of minors. The handbook includes instructions, sample forms, and resources to contact for additional information.

Serving on a Maryland Grand Jury. (Document URL) (Catalog Record): This pamphlet, written for new grand jurors, explains a grand jury’s purpose and the duties and responsibilities of serving on one. It also includes a helpful “Frequently Used Terms” glossary in the back.

Journalist’s Guide to Maryland’s Legal System. Sue Kopen Katcef & Robert D. Anbinder, eds. Third edition. (Document URL) (Catalog Record): Here, journalists can read about Maryland laws that affect them, the structure and functions of the courts, explanations of different court processes, and other pertinent legal topics. The third edition to this handbook is available on-line only; our library holds superseded, print versions of this handbook for those who prefer them. Find them in our catalog.


New Title Available: Law in the Time of COVID-19

Law in the Time of COVID-19

The Columbia Law School Scholarship Repository has added this title. Access (for free) is provided here. It is described on the site as follows:

The COVID-19 crisis has ended and upended lives around the globe. In addition to killing over 160,000 people, more than 35,000 in the United States alone, its secondary effects have been as devastating. These secondary effects pose fundamental challenges to the rules that govern our social, political, and economic lives. These rules are the domain of lawyers. Law in the Time of COVID-19 is the product of a joint effort by members of the faculty of Columbia Law School and several law professors from other schools.

This volume offers guidance for thinking about some the most pressing legal issues the pandemic has raised, especially (though not exclusively) for law in the United States: from the rights of prison inmates who live under conditions that make them exceptionally vulnerable to the highly contagious virus to the options for contracting parties who now face circumstances that make it impossible for them to live up to their past commitments. The book does not give legal advice. Instead, it identifies critical legal issues that affect many peoples’ lives, offers fresh perspectives for thinking about those issues, and provides guidance to legislatures and policy makers about the legal challenges ahead.


Sixth Edition of Pleading Causes of Action in Maryland is Here.

COA_6thOne of the most frequently consulted books in the law library is out in its new edition. The updated version of Pleading Causes of Action in Maryland by Mark Sandler, Esq. and James K Archibald, Esq., now includes citations for over 2,600 cases as well as updated material on foreclosure proceedings, mandamus proceedings, custody and other family law proceedings. Decisions of the Court of Appeals of Maryland, the Court of Special Appeals of Maryland, and the United States District Court for the District of Maryland are current as of December 31, 2017.

Reviewing the Complaints and commentary in this book will help you develop an awareness of the elements of your case, and its strengths and weaknesses,” say the publishers, MSBA, Baltimore, Maryland 2018.

Pleading Causes of Action in Maryland is kept on reserve, so please ask if you need it. This title is also available electronically on both Lexis and Westlaw here in the law library, although the 6th edition may not yet be online.



What’s new …..

Many of these titles will be of special interest to  young lawyers, law clerks, or anyone interested in the basics of law and legal research.

Law Clerks and Young Lawyers                                                                                                   

The millennial lawyer : making the most of generational differences in the firm / Ursula Furi-Perry ; cosponsored by the Section of Law Practice Management, American Bar Association.  (KF297 .F872 2012)

The all-inclusive guide to judicial clerking / Abigail L. Perdue, Associate Professor, Wake Forest University School of Law. (KF297.P47 2017)


Legal Research      

The ABA Spanish Legal Phrasebook / Samantha Snow Ward and Corinne Cooper.  (REF K52.S6 .W384 2010)

Legal research survival manual : with video modules / Robert C. Berring, Michael Levy. (REF KF240 .B454 2017)

Prince’s dictionary of legal abbreviations : a reference guide for attorneys, legal secretaries, paralegals, and law students / by Mary Miles Prince. (REF KF246 .B46 2017)

Legal research in a nutshell / Morris L. Cohen, Late Librarian and Emeritus Professor of Law, Yale Law School ; Kent C. Olson, Head of Research Services, University of Virginia Law Library. (REF KF240 .C54 2016)

Principles of legal research / by Kent C. Olson, Head of Research Services, University of Virginia Law Library. (REF KF240 .O378 2015)

Prince’s dictionary of legal citations : a reference guide for attorneys, legal secretaries, paralegals, and law students / by Mary Miles Prince. (REF KF246 .P73 2017)

ABA and Nutshells



Consumer protection law in a nutshell / Dee Pridgen (Carl M. Williams Professor of Law & Social Responsibility, University of Wyoming College of Law), Gene A. Marsh (James M. Kidd, Sr. Professor Emeritus of Law, the University of Alabama School of Law). (KF1610 .M37 2016)

Conflicts in a nutshell / Patrick J. Borchers, Professor of law, Creighton University School of Law. (KF412 .S5 2016)

The law and policy of sentencing and corrections in a nutshell / Lynn S. Branham (distinguished visiting scholar, Saint Louis University School of Law). (KF9728 .B733 2017)

Toxic torts in a nutshell / by Jean Macchiaroli Eggen, Distinguished Professor of Law, Widener University Delaware Law School. (KF1299.H39 E37 2015)

Civil procedure in a nutshell / by Mary Kay Kane, John F. Digardi, Distinguished Professor of Law, Chancellor and Dean Emeritus, University of California, Hastings College of the Law. (KF8841 .K36 2013)

The American Bar Association guide to wills and estates: everything you need to know about wills, trusts, estates, and taxes. (KF755.A94 2000)


Maryland Criminal Pattern Jury Instructions updated for 2017

This just in from the MSBA:

What’s New in the 2017 Replacement Pages just published in June?

The NEW 2017 Replacement Pages replace ALL pages in the Second Edition, expands the pattern instructions, and brings the Second Edition fully up to date with current developments in statutory and case law. The 2017 Replacement Pages include 20 revised instructions, 9 brand new instructions (covering burglary, home invasion, credit card theft and fraud, and human trafficking), as well as updated and expanded comments and notes on use. The 2017 Replacement Pages also includes an updated CD with all the instructions formatted in rich text format (fully compatible with WordPerfect® or Microsoft Word® format), saving you hours of time!

In addition to instructions on specific criminal offenses, the book includes: introductory and cautionary instructions; general instructions; evidentiary instructions; and instructions as to defenses, parties and verdict sheets. The book is an excellent primer on evidence, burden of proof, and the elements of criminal offenses

Please note that Lexis and Westlaw as of today do not show that they have the updated 2017 version.  Check the date to make sure you are using the most current edition online. The law library has the updated version and CD-ROM available now.


lawlibrary Maryland Law

What’s new…

The following titles have been recently shelved.  Come and check them out.

ADR Collection – Purchased with funds from the Maryland Judiciary’s Mediation Conflict Resolution Office.

Children come first : mediation, not litigation when marriage ends / Howard H. Irving.  (ADR HQ814 I788)

Families change : a book for children experiencing termination of parental rights / by Julie Nelson ; illustrated by Mary Gallagher.   (ADR HV881 .N43 2007)

Mediation preparation : how to prepare for mediation / by Joe B. Hewitt. (ADR HM1126 .H4 2015)

Self-help preparation for Family Court Services (FCS), child custody mediation, child custody evaluations / Dr. Miguel Alvarez and Dr. Lori Love.   (ADR KF547.A9 A4 2009)

Maryland Titles

Using and drafting trusts in estate planning / [John P. Edgar [and others].  (KFM1340.A75 M38 2016)

Will drafting in Maryland / Danielle M. Cruttenden … [and 4 others].  (KFM1344 .W68 2017)

Maryland construction law deskbook, second edition / Joseph C. Kovars, editor ; Michael A. Schollaert, editor ; Construction Law Section, Maryland State Bar Association.  (KFM1355.8.B8 M42 2017)

Workers’ compensation manual / Theodore B. Cornblatt. (KFM1542.A62 W67 2015)

2011 Civil practice & procedure in the District Court of Maryland. (KFM1730 .C58 2010)

General U.S.

Environmental law / by William H. Rodgers, Jr., et al. (KF3775 .R59 2016)


Cataloging legal literature / Melody Busse Lembke, Melissa Beck.  (LIB REF Z695.1.L3 E65 2016)

Data visualizations and infographics / Sarah K. C. Mauldin.  (LIB REF Z678.93.G73 M38 2015)


What’s New?

mpjiThe new  Maryland Civil Pattern Jury Instructions, 5th Edition, has arrived.  The  new edition is the first since the 2002, 4th edition, that was last updated in 2013.  There are two brand new chapters on Employment Law and Maryland Constitutional Torts.

All of the instructions are available in Word and Wordperfect format on the accompanying CD-ROM accessible in the law library.  The instructions are also on Westlaw and Lexis.  Just ask if you need help accessing the new jury instructions in any format.

(The book is shelved at KFM1742.6.M37 2017.)

lawlibrary Libraries

New Series: American Law Reports

ALR 7 Volume 1 Image
Volume 1 of ALR 7

A new series of the American Law Report (ALR) has been released! ALR 7 will succeed ALR 6, bringing along helpful updates. Much like ALR 6, ALR 7 includes summary and analysis of cases as well as providing a jurisdictional Table of Cases and Research References with each article.

One of the primary changes to take effect in ALR 7 is a new citation method. Now, ALR 7 cites section numbers (i.e. article numbers) instead of page numbers. As a result, this new method allows for the same citation to be used interchangeably between print and online sources. When using the new citation, be sure it is only in relation to ALR 7 and not previous ALR series.

See examples below:

NEW citation for ALR 7
25 A.L.R. 7th Art. 3

OLD citation for ALR 6
84 A.L.R. 6th 589 (Originally published in 2013)

Additionally, new components relating to content have been introduced to the sleek, new ALR 7. These elements include:

Jurisdictional headings for case summaries
Checklists of important factors
Graphic visualizations of case law outcomes for selected articles
Article indices consolidated into a single, full-volume index

To verify you are using the most current version of an article, be sure to check the back of the volume for pocket parts, or use WestlawNext (available in the library).



Newly Cataloged Materials!

IMG_1564Check out these new materials, which were recently added to the Law Library’s collection.

Adoption Law and Practice edited by Joan H. Hollinger et al. (KF545 .A93 1988): Published by Matthew Bender, this new addition to the Law Library’s collection is a comprehensive adoption law resource whose coverage includes information related to interstate, state-federal and international adoptions as well as current, adoption issues, such as consent/relinquishment by birth parents, adoption children with special needs, and surrogate parenting.

Cloud Computing Legal Deskbook edited by Gregory Barbee (KF390.5.C6C565 2015): This resource for practitioners, published by Thomson Reuters, addresses topics ranging from the basics of cloud computers and cybersecurity to attorney-client privilege and virtual jurisdiction.

Magna Carta: Muse & Mentor edited by Randy J. Holland with a foreword by John G. Roberts, Jr., Chief Justice of the United States (KD3946 .M346 2014): 2015 marks the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, which was issued by King John of England in 1215. Magna Carta: Muse & Mentor, published by the Library of Congress and Thomson Reuters, is a collection of illustrated essays by legal scholars, including Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, that examine topics related to the Magna Carta, such as the Magna Carta and the United States Constitution, the Right to a Jury Trial, and Due Process of Law.

MSBA Maryland Employment Law Deskbook edited by Rebecca n. Strandberg (KFM1531 .M83 2014): Published by the Maryland State Bar Association, this publication provides information and guidance for both plaintiffs and defendants involved in employment law matters. Topics include state and local fair employment practice, discrimination, the Maryland Wage Payment and Collection Law, the Maryland Wage and Hour Law, and U.S. Immigration.

If you have any questions about these materials or would like additional information, please contact us!


Practice of Law – recommended reading

The following list was compiled for the court’s law clerks as they leave the courthouse but thought many of the titles might be of interest to attorneys just starting out or already out there practicing.

Foonberg, Jay G. How to Start & Build a Law Practice. 5th ed. Chicago: ABA Law Practice Management Series, 2004. (KF300.F66 2004)

Gibson, K William, ed. A Survival Guide for the Solo and Small Firm Lawyer. 5th ed. Chicago: ABA Law Practice management Section, 2014. (KF300.F59 2014 (in process))

Fees: The Fine Art of Setting, Contracting & Collecting – Without Being Sued.  Baltimore: MICPEL, 2005. (KFM1277.5.F4F44 2005)

Beard, Christopher L., C. Michael Bradshaw, and Richard C. Goodwin. Legal Representation and Fee Agreements for the Maryland Lawyer: Forms. 2d ed. Baltimore: MICPEL, 2009. (KFM1277.5.F4B36 2009)

Kowalski, Mitchell. Avoiding Extinction: Reimagining Legal Services for the 21st Century.  Chicago: ABA, 2012. (in process)

Moore, Desiree. Thrive: A New Lawyer’s Guide To Law Firm Practice. Chicago: ABA Publishing, 2012. (KF297.M66 2012)

Munneke, Gary A. and Wayne, Ellen. The Legal Career Guide: From Law Student to Lawyer. 5th ed. Chicago: ABA Law Practice Management Section, 2008. (KF297.M8619 2008)

Munneke, Gary A., Henslee William D., and Wayne, Ellen. Nonlegal Careers for Lawyers. 5th ed. Chicago: ABA LAw Practice Management, 2006. (KF297.M862 2006)

Rikleen, Lauren Stiller. You Raised Us – Now Work with Us: Millennials, Career Success, and Building Strong Workplace Teams. Chicago: ABA, 2014. (in process)

Furi-Perry, Ursula. The Millennial Lawyer: Making the Most of Generational Differences in the Firm. Chicago: ABA, 2012. (in process)

Hall, J. Wesley Hall, Jr. Professional Responsibility in Criminal Defense Practice.  St. Paul: West, 2005. (KF306.H27 2005)

Hazard, Geoffrey C. The Law of Lawyering. 3rd ed. New York: Wolters Kluwer, 2000. (KF306.H33 2000)

Restatement of the Law Governing Lawyers.  St. Paul: West, 2000.

ABA/BNA Lawyers’ Manual on Professional Conduct.  online Bloomberg BNA publication available in the law library.

Speiser, Stuart M. Lawyers and the American Dream.  New York: M. Evans and Comapny, 1993. (KF300.S66 1993)