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Marital Settlement Agreement

Thanks to a change in Maryland law that went into effect last month, the Law Library has experienced a notable increase in the number of people requesting assistance with marital settlement agreements. The change in Maryland Law provides for an absolute divorce on the grounds of mutual consent if certain conditions are met. One of these conditions is the submission of a written settlement agreement that resolves all of the issues relating to alimony and the distribution of property.

What is a marital settlement agreement? A marital settlement agreement, also commonly referred to as a separation agreement or a property settlement agreement, is a written document that is a binding contract between a married couple in preparation for divorce, that they enter into voluntarily in order to address the division of their property, alimony and other relevant topics.

For background information, including negotiating and enforcing a marital settlement agreement, check out this article on the People’s Law Library.

Do you need to find a sample agreement? The Law Library can assist with you with locating samples that you can use as a starting point for drafting your marital settlement agreement. Please note, however, that the library cannot advise you as to what you should or should not include in your settlement agreement.

Do you need help with your marital settlement agreement? The Maryland Courts Self-Help Center (Phone: 410-260-1392) and the Family Law Self-Help Center (Phone: 410-280-5374) may be able to help. Please remember that the self-help centers can only provide limited legal assistance, so they may not be able to review your agreement in its entirety.

For more information, please contact the Law Library!

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