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The 2016 Edition of Michie’s Maryland Court Rules is available!

The 2016 Edition of Michie’s Maryland Court Rules is available at the Law Library!  The 2016 edition includes amendments adopted through October 20, 2015 and supersedes and replaces all previous editions and supplements.  The Maryland Rules are the rules of practice and procedure followed by Maryland courts and apply to all Maryland courts, unless noted otherwise.  Michie’s Maryland Rules are annotated, meaning that there are explanatory notes and comments added to the rules by the publisher’s editorial staff. Annotation sources include Maryland case law, the Maryland Law Review, the University of Baltimore Law Review, the University of Baltimore Law Forum and Opinions of the Attorney General.

If you are new to the Maryland Rules, the People’s Law Library has an online video tutorial on reading the Maryland Rules through Westlaw, which is available at

Can I access the rules online? Yes, the current Maryland Code and Rules (without annotations) are available online, free of charge, through LexisNexis and Westlaw.  In addition, you can access the Law Library’s online subscriptions to LexisNexis and WestlawNext in-person at the library.

What about the superseded Maryland rules? The Law Library maintains copies of the superseded Maryland Rules from 1980 to the present in its collection. If you need to reference the superseded Maryland Rules, please drop by the Law Library’s service desk, and we can assist you in locating the appropriate resources.

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