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New Maryland rule addresses standards for pre-trial release (cash bail)

Posted by Joan Bellistri on February 23, 2017

The rules order for the 192nd Report  of the Court’s Standing Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure dated 2/16/2017 recommended the adoption of proposed new Rule 4-216.1 and amendments to current Rules 4-212, 4-213, 4-213.1, 4- 214, 4-215, 4-216, 4-216.1, 4-216.2, 4-217, 4-349, 5-101, and 15-303 and Form 4-217.2 of the Maryland Rules of Procedure. The new rules and amendments are effective July 1, 2017.

Rule 4-216.1 “is designed to promote the release of defendants on their own recognizance or, when necessary, unsecured bond.”

You can find rules orders here: http://mdcourts.gov/rules/ruleschanges.html

An article published in the Baltimore Sun on 2/7/2016, “Maryland Court of Appeals: Defendants can’t be held in jail because they can’t afford bail,” provides a discussion of the rule and the cash bail system.


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