Maryland Criminal Pattern Jury Instructions updated for 2017

This just in from the MSBA:

What’s New in the 2017 Replacement Pages just published in June?

The NEW 2017 Replacement Pages replace ALL pages in the Second Edition, expands the pattern instructions, and brings the Second Edition fully up to date with current developments in statutory and case law. The 2017 Replacement Pages include 20 revised instructions, 9 brand new instructions (covering burglary, home invasion, credit card theft and fraud, and human trafficking), as well as updated and expanded comments and notes on use. The 2017 Replacement Pages also includes an updated CD with all the instructions formatted in rich text format (fully compatible with WordPerfect® or Microsoft Word® format), saving you hours of time!

In addition to instructions on specific criminal offenses, the book includes: introductory and cautionary instructions; general instructions; evidentiary instructions; and instructions as to defenses, parties and verdict sheets. The book is an excellent primer on evidence, burden of proof, and the elements of criminal offenses

Please note that Lexis and Westlaw as of today do not show that they have the updated 2017 version.  Check the date to make sure you are using the most current edition online. The law library has the updated version and CD-ROM available now.



What’s New?

mpjiThe new  Maryland Civil Pattern Jury Instructions, 5th Edition, has arrived.  The  new edition is the first since the 2002, 4th edition, that was last updated in 2013.  There are two brand new chapters on Employment Law and Maryland Constitutional Torts.

All of the instructions are available in Word and Wordperfect format on the accompanying CD-ROM accessible in the law library.  The instructions are also on Westlaw and Lexis.  Just ask if you need help accessing the new jury instructions in any format.

(The book is shelved at KFM1742.6.M37 2017.)