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Updated MDEC Manual Available Online

MDEC_manualThe Judiciary’s August newsletter included an article on recent updates to the MDEC Policies and Procedures Manual (See page 36 in the version 1.19 regarding submissions in an envelope.)

The Manual can be found on the judiciary’s website MDEC page’s Here you can find links to information on registration and to MDEC FAQs for attorneys and the public. The link to the Manual can be found in the E-Filing Resource List on the efiling page that includes links to the e-filing brochure, MDEC Acronyms, attorney efiling codes and an overview of MDEC Rules.

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Uniform Subpoenas

As of July 1, 2015, Maryland subpoenas will be uniform throughout the state of Maryland as the Maryland Judiciary has launched a new uniform subpoena form. To learn more about the uniform subpoenas, check out Maryland Rules 2-510, 3-510, 4-265 and 4-266.

Attorneys! Are you registered to e-file? If so, then you can access the uniform subpoenas electronically! The uniform subpoena will print with the appropriate court seal and Clerk’s signature. If you have not already registered to e-file, you can do so here.
Self-represented litigants can still obtain paper subpoena forms at the appropriate courthouse. Self-represented litigants can learn more about discovery here or contact the Law Library.

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Attorneys Must E-File in Anne Arundel County!

Starting today, August 3, 2015, in Anne Arundel County, attorneys must e-file criminal and traffic filings. This includes both District Court and Circuit Court. This e-filing requirement is part of the Maryland Electronic Courts (MDEC) project, which is a statewide case management system that was launched in October 2014.

For more information about e-filing, please check out this page on the Maryland Courts website, which is a great resource for your MDEC questions. The website also provides links to publications for review.

Are you an attorney with questions about e-filing?  Check out these FAQs posted on the Maryland Courts website.  Attorneys with general questions may find these FAQs helpful.

Are you a member of the public with questions?  Check out these FAQs posted on the Maryland Courts website.
In addition, for more information about MDEC, check out our October 2014 blog post.


MDEC is launching in Anne Arundel County!

The Maryland Electronic Courts (MDEC) project is a statewide case management system that will be used by all of the courts in the Maryland State court system (this includes courts at all levels). Over a five-year period, the project will be launched county by county. The project launches first in Anne Arundel County in October 2014. This means that, as of October 14, 2014, e-filing is MANDATORY for all attorneys filing in Anne Arundel County! Attorneys, you must register to e-file!  A tutorial for registration is available.

Case flow management is the process by which cases move through the courts from start to finish, including pre-trial matters and post-disposition matters (e.g., monitoring, probation, restitution).  The integrated MDEC project will allow all Maryland courts to store and access records electronically.  As cases move through the Maryland court system, records will be instantly available from court to court.  This will ultimately lead to a paper-on-demand system (i.e., hard, paper copies of records will be available by specific request only).  MDEC will provide, among other things, 24-hour access, e-filing for litigants (i.e., documents will be filed/exchanged digitally rather than as paper files) and increased efficiency.  This brochure is a great, quick-start guide.

The Maryland Courts Website is a great resource for your MDEC questions.  The website also provides links to publications for review.  Are you an attorney with questions about e-filing?  Check out these FAQs posted on the Maryland Courts website.  Attorneys with general questions may find these FAQs helpful.  Are you a member of the public with questions?  Check out these FAQs posted on the Maryland Courts website.

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New Maryland Rules for Electronic Filing

Issue 02, Spring, 2013 of Moving Justice Forward, the quarterly bulletin that provides information on the implementation of Maryland Electronic Courts (MDEC), reports that the rules order concerning e-filing was posted on May 2, 2013 on the Judiciary website. The 176th Report and Supplement Rules Order, filed May 1, will go into effect July 1, 2013.

The report included changes to existing rules because of e-filing and the new Title 20,  Electronic Filing and Case Management.    The new rule 20-102 states that the new Title 20 will apply only where MDEC has been established and will start with Anne Arundel County.  Issues covered include how attorneys will register, a new definition of what a “day” is, signatures, procedures for self-represented litigants and access to records. The article that begins on page 9 provides a good overview of the new Title 20.

More information can be found on the MDEC webpage and in the previous issue of Moving Justice Forward, Issue 01, Winter 2013